NFL TV Picks Season Pass
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Get a Season Pass pack to help your favorite model win the 2018 Miss Super Sunday title and you receive MADDEN 18 FREE for your choice of PS4 or XBOX ONE on release day ($59.99 value)! Don't need Madden 18? We also have a third option to contribute bulk SMC Points to your selected model instead ($125 value)!

Select 1 model and 1 team for the 2017-18 season. You earn 1 WIN and 10,000 SMC Points in standings for every win of the season + qualify for massive playoff bonuses that are only rewarded to Season Pass players!

WEEK 1 NFL PICK 6 CHALLENGE INCLUDED ($40 value)! Select the winners of any 6 NFL match ups for Week 1. You earn 1 WIN and 10,000 SMC Points in standings for every win + jackpot prize win if you go 6-for-6! You will receive an e-mail when the season approaches to make your Week 1 picks.

No point spreads, just pick the winners! Sound too easy? Then how come you’re not winning?

Top ranked fan player for the winning model receives a custom Championship Title Belt ($200+ value)!

Your selected model instantly receives 100,000 SMC Points the moment you sign up! Enroll the model of your hand choosing or pick from any of the 30+ models that have already joined as featured models this year!

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NFL TV Picks Season Pass

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